Hi there - my name is Katie and I work as a freelance tutor specialising in mathematics and physics. I hold a BSc in Physics (Imperial College) and an MA in Mathematics Education (UCL Institute of Education). My dissertation project (“Can GeoGebra’s Augmented Reality tool provide “a looking glass into a mathematical wonderland?”) examined students using an AR-enabled mathematics app (GeoGebra 3D/AR) to engage with geometric reasoning activities, and sought to understand the epistemological affordances (and constraints) of these mixed-reality environments. I continue to research the exciting field of AR learning.

I am passionate about supporting children to realise their full potential: as such, I volunteer as a maths tutor for education charity ‘Action Tutoring’ (part of the National Tutoring Programme), run virtual workshops for children living in areas of low cultural engagement (supported by the Arts Council England), and work as a Physics tutor for the Institute of Physics and Durham University’s ‘Levelling Up: Aspire Higher’ programme.

I am currently collaborating with drummer Leo Taylor on an outreach project exploring the mathematics of polyrhythms - workshops to be announced very soon!

As a teenager I worked as a professional tic-tac at racecourses across the North East of England.


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